We adopt a set of internal rules and external control systems that enable us to act rigorously and efficiently and help ensure a high degree of reliability and independence in all aspects of what we do.

Our governance structure, based on the principles of autonomy and independence, combines operational efficiency with product excellence, protecting the interests of all of the stakeholders in the value chain.

We perform our role ethically and rigorously and our production chain is guaranteed and certified by means of external, independent, and reliable control systems.

Consortium bodies and independence

“The consortium contract involves several entrepreneurs setting up a joint organisation to regulate and execute certain aspects of their respective undertakings”

Art. 2602 of the Civil Code.

The  San Daniele Consortium is a private consortium established pursuant to Art. 2602 et seq. of the Civil Code and made up of companies that act solely and exclusively in their own names and on their own behalf.

The governance model that we have adopted ensures that the administrators, i.e. the producers themselves, operate in the general interests of the sector and indeed of all consortium members. Our Articles of Association ensure that the Board of Directors acts with neutrality and impartiality from an administrative perspective, assigning certain roles exclusively, autonomously and independently to the General Manager and the structure of the consortium.

  • Assembly of Consortium Members

    The Assembly is made up of all members of the Consortium. It approves the financial statements, elects the members of the Board of Directors and rules on other matters referred to it by the Board.

  • Value chain management committee

    The value chain management committee, made up of equal numbers of breeders, abattoir representatives and prosciutto producers, provides guidance and consultancy services for consortium members with regard to the value chain and in relation to the application of the Production Specifications and regulations adopted by the Consortium.

  • Integrity and values

    Our daily commitment to guaranteeing consumers a product that is unique, natural and rigorously traced at every stage of the production process is based on the values of integrity, collaboration and transparency.

    In order to protect and maintain the trust that consumers place in us, the Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium uses a number of precision tools that promote the values of integrity and ethics in all aspects of what it does.