San Daniele is healthy

San Daniele on the table

San Daniele Ham is a completely natural product, made only with Italian pork, sea salt and San Daniele air. Free of additives and preservatives, it is nutritious and easily digestible. Source of noble proteins, vitamins (B1, B6, PP) and minerals (phosphorus, zinc and potassium), it contains only a few fats and all “good” ones, the monounsaturated ones, which make it ideal for every diet and every age.

Nutritional Table

Average nutritional values per 50g serving.

Energy value
Kcal 136; KJ568
g 12,9
g 0,1
Saturated fats
g 3,3
Fat monoins
g 4,3
Polyunsaturated fats
g 1,4
g 0,89
mg 92 (13,1 % RDA*)
mg 291 (14,5 % RDA*)
mg 1,19 (11,9 % RDA*)
Vitamin B1
mg 0,34; 30,9 % RDA*
Vitamin B2
mg 0,10; 7,1 % RDA*
Vitamin B6
mg 0,52; 37,1 % RDA*
Vitamin PP
mg 2,57; 16,0 % RDA*

* RDA Recommended daily allowance. Average nutritional values. Source: INRAN 2011