Value chain traceability

We work in accordance with the principle of transparency and we take action to make information
on the prosciutto production process readily available to all consumers.

For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to providing consumers with certified, transparent information on the prosciutto production process.

Rigour, tradition and innovation are the elements that have enabled us to create a certified product identification system that operates across the entire value chain, providing consumers with immediate, easy-to-access information tools.

Our digital traceability system provides information in real time to guarantee the origin of the raw materials at every processing stage.

This is rendered possible by rigorous checks and controls carried out across the value chain by third parties that operate independently from the Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium, and who guarantee and certify that the Production Specifications are applied at every processing phase.  

Checks and certifications of the San Daniele prosciutto value chain by IFCQ Certificazioni


inspections across the entire value chain in 2019


million certified packs of pre-sliced product


prosciutto certified

Managing the traceability of the value chain means guaranteeing the origin and provenance of the product at every stage of the processing of the pork legs, from livestock farms to abattoirs and production plants, right up to the application of the certified PDO branding.

IFCQ, an independent certification and control body, is the third-party body responsible for verifying and certifying the correct application of the Production Specifications by all parties along the production chain; this body is also in charge of the PDO certification of the prosciutto.

IFCQ’s control activities are overseen by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and accredited by Accredia, the National Accreditation Authority designated by the Italian government.

1. Livestock farming

By the 30th day after birth, farmers must brand both thighs of the piglet with an indelible ink stamp; this is the farm’s unique identification code. This tattoo includes the initials of the livestock farm’s province, as well as the corresponding identification code and month of birth.

2. Abattoirs

Abattoirs check that the legs they receive come from PDO-certified livestock farms, and then add their own mark. This indicates precisely where the pig was slaughtered thanks to the facility’s unique identification code.

3. Prosciutto production plant

DOT mark

When the legs of pork reach the prosciutto production plant, further checks are carried out to ensure that they come from an authorised abattoir. Once these checks have been successfully passed, the legs are branded with the mark indicating the date on which processing began. This is used to indicate the curing date and lot code.

Consortium’s certified branding

Upon completion of the production process, the IFCQ control body brands the rinds of the prosciutto that comply with the PDO specification requirements. The Consortium’s certified branding includes the producer’s identification code. The control body certifies the activities carried out during the production process, and confirms that the Production Specifications have been applied.

4. Slicing and packaging facilities

Once branded, the product is distributed in a variety of ways, including in pre-sliced packs. The slicing and packaging of prosciutto di San Daniele PDO is only performed in the slicing and packaging facilities within the municipality of San Daniele del Friuli. This process is also overseen by IFCQ: it checks the boneless prosciutti verifies that the correct graphics are used on the packaging and then identifies the packs by printing a unique code and QR code on them, enabling a range of certified information regarding the origin of the product to be accessed.

A QR code for discovering the origin of the San Daniele prosciutto packs

In June 2019, we implemented a digital tracing system which is applied to each pack of pre-sliced prosciutto, enabling consumers to access an immediate, easy-to-use tool which allows them to discover the details of the production chain. Each pack has a unique QR code, which allows consumers to access a range of certified information about the origin of their product via smartphone:

  • Origin: 100% Italian
  • Duration of curing
  • Slicing date
  • Ingredients
  • Weight
  • Curing location
  • Slicing location

This technological innovation ensures the transparency of the prosciutto di San Daniele PDO production chain.