Animal welfare

Our initiatives generate synergies in promoting farming practices along the San Daniele value chain.

We promote animal welfare measures, working with all members of our value chain: We maintain dialogue with our farmers in order to improve farming practices, while simultaneously working in synergy with research bodies and associations to promote a virtuous application of the rules, monitoring results and categorising farms accordingly.

Thanks to meticulous checks and high standards, we can identify the most virtuous farmers and launch constructive collaborations with them to create sustainable farms.

The measures implemented in order to improve farming practices cover the following issues:

  • animal welfare
  • use of medicines

How we promote ethical and sustainable pig rearing

With a view to promoting animal welfare, in 2015 we launched an initiative that introduced a voluntary system of controls on livestock farms that enable data collection, evaluations based on scientifically validated indices and categorisation of farms using the digitally integrated ClassyFarm system.

Players involved

Livestock farms within our value chain, the Coldiretti farmers’ association and ANAS (the National Association of Pig Breeders).

Scientific support

IZSLER, the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

Positive impact

This project enables us to foster constructive dialogue with farmers, who are supported throughout the process of improvement which focuses on their farming practices, promoting a virtuous cycle within the agri-food chain.

A virtuous project for animals, farmers and consumers.

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